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Hello and welcome to an interesting saga about "life on the web" in the 21st century.

Every picture on this page was taken with my pocket Canon camera initially and then my newer Samsung i5 and they have not been changed or
doctored in any way other than to block faces of people not involved in this matter to protect them from certain nasty people.

The pictures were taken over about a seven year period and that's pretty obvious by haircuts and different clothes.

UPDATE: 26th- July - 2013
A Bizarre Twist?

In a bizarre twist to this story, all of a sudden, Michael Gabrill has changed his tune and now says he "has no beef"
with Ethan or myself? Below are his posts on Reddit and a letter of apology from him (for what that's worth?).

Changing Mind

Gabrills Reddit posts

Changing Mind

Gabrills Changed Webpage


Gabrills Apology letter

So what do we make of this and where do we go from here? My name and that of Ethans has been slandered and rubbished
far and wide across numerous websites and in many many "news stories" by all sorts of reporters.

I have had not only the stress of dealing with all of this but I have had questions asked - "where there is smoke" - - etc.
Ethan has also run into some problems as a direct result of Gabrills malice and deliberate lies.
We have both wasted an extraordinary amount of time having to deal with this fabrication and these lies

The law really needs to be tightened to prevent people who can hide behind ficticious email addresses and web addresses
from being able to say as they please and act in any way they like at the complete expense of others.

Ethan & I stated facts and provided proof from the very start of this nonsense by Gabrill but to some reporters that meant nothing.
Some said "just ignore him" - that's fine and dandy but when you are running businesses and Ethan was raising capital with a
crowdfunding campaign you simply can't sit back and let liars and cheats get away with destroying all you are trying to build up?
Where is the fairness in all of this?

I can only guess that when our investigators turned up information that proved Gabrill was behind all of this rubbish he panicked
as the fear of being exposed was simply too much - either that or his parents found out what happens when you leave a naughty boy
alone in a room with an internet connected computer!

Has he really gone away? Who knows - only time will tell I suppose.

UPDATE: 2nd - July - 2013

I have reported this entire matter to the Queensland state police this morning. I attended a police station and they
took my details and identified me. They were disturbed by some of the comments made by this nasty scammer/extortionist.

An update on the extortionists page is copied here:

"UPDATE 10: I have filed a police crime report about Ethan Hunt and Mike Kalinowski with the Australian Federal Police.
I have informed them about Ethan Hunt and Mike Kalinowski's current location in Hong Kong and that they will shortly be
returning to Australia to hide out."

I called the Australian Federal Police this morning and an officer rang me back several hours later. He confirmed to me that I
was not a person of interest to them. This can mean nothing other than the scammer/extortionist is lying about contacting them.

I won't be updating this page again until Ethan ships phones as I believe I have proven beyond any reasonable persons doubt
that Ethan & I are victims of an extortion attempt gone sour by a person who refuses to identify himself. Also the police advised
me to stop communicating with the extortionist - so Michael Gabrill, the fun is over I'm afraid!

What is this web page all about?

Certain people have too much time on their hands and like to stir up trouble by falsely accusing people of being scammers.
They see a successful sales promotion and decide they will try and blackmail you for a "piece of the action"
When you refuse to pay them they then set about trashing your reputation. They are just scum!

I have fallen victim to some of these nasty people and there is nothing I can do about their lies & defamation unless I want to spend
tens of thousands of dollars on lawyers.

It is a long, complicated story so I will keep it as brief as possible and try to cover the main points - sorry if some things are not clear.

If a reader wants clarification of anything my contact emails are on both my websites linked below.

Who am I?

My name is Mike Kalinowski. I am an electronics engineer and an inventor. I have appeared on the ABC TV show "The New Inventors"
where I won the "Peoples Choice Award", link here: The New Inventors - Mike Kalinowski
I have many varied business interests but almost all of them involve electronics because that's what I love.

I have lived in Kuranda, North Queensland in the same house that I built for 29 years with my wife of 36 years.

I primarily run two small businesses, Katana Trading that sources and imports goods from China and Homepin, specialising
in the design & manufacture of replacement electronics for pinball machines. Both businesses are registered in Australia
in my name and Katana Trading holds GST status with the tax department and has an import licence with Australian Customs.
Both businesses have seperate bank accounts in their respective names.

I went to China 8 years ago

Not long after starting a small export business (Katana Trading) I met Ethan Hunt at the Garden Hotel in Guangzhou. We knew each
other from eBay as we were both PowerSellers, that actually meant something back then as you had to be a serious seller to attain that status.

We hit it off right from the start and agreed that there would be plenty of opportunities that we could explore jointly. I had
already rented a small warehouse so that I could have goods delivered from all over and combine them into one shipment for export
and Ethan had opened an office in Shenzhen. Here is Ethan and I after loading a container at my warehouse one very hot and steamy
night (left) and at dinner another night.

Loading Container


Ethan standing, me sitting in the container

Dinner at a restaurant in Shenzhen

About 3 years ago I started paying Ethan a monthly amount to enable me to take advantage of his office in Shenzhen and
to enable me to use the staff he has employed for some of my business activities. At this time we moved into a very fancy (and
expensive) new office in the prestigious Hotel complex of HuaQiangBei in the heart of the electronics area of Shenzhen.

New Office Sign


The new office sign just delivered waiting to be
mounted on the wall.

Ethan liasing with YanYan about something
(some other staff in the picture)

Ethan & YanYan

Old Office

Ethan & YanYan having some cake with visitors

Ethan & I in the office prior to the new one


Not long after discovering "Crowdfunding" (Google it - I had to) Ethan & I decided that we had plenty of ideas we could apply
to this unique funding platform. We had already been approached by a small factory making a glassless touchscreen device for
Apple desktop computers, we liked the idea so much we bought one for the office. They couldn't raise the money to make this
device for the different models of MACs and sought our help. They had the 21" in production but needed money for tooling costs
to make a few other sizes.

We agreed to help but only if we had full control of the new designs and marketing. They agreed. We re-named the device and changed
the design to make it more acceptable to western customers. This is one area the Chinese have very little idea about and that's why
you often see silly Chinese designs and colours. We called it "Convert2Touch". We started a campaign on Indiegogo and it was marginally
successful, although it didn't reach the goal we needed so there wasn't enough money to fund the tooling costs for the newer models.
We did however learn how to run a successful campaign.

Enter "Micro-Phone"

We have many contacts in China and one small electronics factory we deal with a bit showed us some samples of a minature mobile
phone (cell phone for Americans reading this). We loved the idea of it but the case, buttons and packaging were just not "western"
enough so we sat down and came up with a better looking phone and also negotiated with the factory to change certain aspects of
the electronics to our own preferences - this is called OEM manufacturing (Original Equipment Manufacturer).

It is business suicide in China to trust ANY factory with your new design - it will be copied and on the market before you can
even get yours out there. The only way to do business successfully is to have different suppliers make parts and assemble the finished
product yourself. This is how EVERY factory in the world operates, it isn't new. Ford do not make every part of a car themselves
the wiring harness is made outside by a supplier the same as light globes, instruments, spark plugs, tyres, and dozens of other parts.
This is NORMAL manufacturing business practice. There is nothing shady or dodgy about this in any way whatsoever.

We have good contacts in the silicone rubber moulding industry, some of the products we already have manufactured are available on
my Katana Trading website HERE. This supplier is ready to make the silicone case for Micro-Phone as well as the touch button pad.
Yet another supplier is ready to make the new plastic case parts and the mould for these parts alone is over AU$22,000.

A specialist packaging factory has our design for the packaging and is ready to make the packaging.

All of these parts and bits will come together and be assembled in our own facility by our own staff into the finished Micro-Phone.

This is why we need funding! - we paid a great deal of money to the electronics factory for the board development and left
ourselves a bit short for the rest of the parts needed to finish this project.

An indication of some costs involved

One of these scammer posters has suggested that it would only cost "a few cents" to make a new case - he is dreaming. that
just isn't possible. Some costs here:

(1) Mould for case parts $22,000
(2) 2 x Smartphone apps $5,000
(3) Design, trade mark and other registrations $5,000
(4) R&D and other associated professional costs $25,000
(5) Logic board revisions inc firmware changes > $20,000

There are many other costs but this outlines some of the larger and more obvious ones - "a few cents" - that is complete rubbish spouted
by a fool who has no idea whatsoever about what is involved or no interest at all - only in causing trouble.

Trade Mark Certificate

Trade Mark Certificate

Ethan holding the trade mark certificate
(in his office in Shenzhen)

Closeup of the trade mark certificate

Why I pulled out of the campaign when it was just 2 weeks in

OK - this is the part of this tale that I really did not want to put out there as it is 100% private and really does NOT involve
anyone else at all but these arseholes that hide behind anonoymous screen names and don't give their details have forced me to make
this public. They don't give a stuff about anyone else and I hope they rot in hell!

On the 13th July 2012 my wife was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer. She refused to have the usual treatments such as chemotherapy
etc and went down the natural path, turned vegan, gave up dairy, alcohol and made many other life changes. While I was in China starting this
Micro-phone campaign with Ethan she caught Ross River Fever. This is a very nasty condition and it makes you ache all over and there
is NO treatment or cure at all. She was virtually bed ridden for many weeks and in severe pain. I didn't realise just how bad she was until I
returned from this trip.

At this point I decided it would be best if I scaled back my involvement in as many things as I could to concentrate on helping her
I pulled out of the Micro-phone project and many other smaller projects. I stopped all work on prototypes and development work for new
pinball replacement boards. Anything I could back away from that would allow me some extra time I did.

My wife requested that I change the 2 previous letters to this one from the breast screening clinic that spells
out her diagnosis in plain English:

Doctors Report

Doctors Cancer report

Blackmail attempt

The following messages were received by Ethan when the Micro-phone campaign started to gain traction as it was looking successful
I had removed myself from the campaign by then and I was back in Australia caring for my wife. You can see that when Ethan refused
to pay the extortionist money he turned very nasty and the end result are the websites claiming all of this is a scam.



Extortion attempt

Very polite chap


(1) Ethan Hunt is a real person living in China and was born and named 30 years before Tom Cruise "stole" his name.
(2) YanYan is a real Chinese person and has been employed by Ethan for about five years now.
(3) They are both on many social networking sites in China. Facebook, Twitter and others are blocked so you won't find them there.
(4) There IS NO SCAM, this rubbish is made up by deadbeats blackmailing people & attempting to trash reputations when they fail.
(5) I have reported this matter to the ACC (Aust Crime Commission) in Australia - case #1948 and they are investigating.
This report was made on the phone after the ACC identified me
(6) Ethan uses standard web templates to build sites that's why not all pages are filled out such as "about me" pages and others.
(7) This person (or persons) do not identify themselves and cannot be contacted - how can anything they say be believed?
(8) Yes, Ethan has other websites and sells other products as I do. Phone cases and many other things - so what?
(9) Neither of us advertise a phone number as we operate online businesses. Also I am often overseas and it isn't that easy to phone
(10) My wife has cancer and that is the sole reason I backed away from this campaign and many other things, nothing sinister.
(11) The Micro-phone campaign has been extended by Indiegogo for 30 days so they are obviously satisfied that the campaign is honest.
(12) Both Indiegogo and Paypal froze the respective accounts while they investigated - this took a lot of proof but Ethan came through as 100% clean
(13) The costs involved in making the case for this product are extensive, not "a few cents" as one fool says. Come to China
yourself and try to make cases for a few cents - good luck!